Police notice a decrease in anti-social behaviour in Sheffield this year

Lantern Parade in Darnall
Lantern Parade in Darnall
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Hundreds of lanterns were paraded through a Sheffield suburb blighted by yobs on recent Bonfire Nights.

The parade in Darnall was organised to bring the community together on a night which has been marred by anti-social behaviour – including firework attacks on police cars – in the past.

Lantern Parade in Darnall

Lantern Parade in Darnall

However, this year, 500 children, parents and neighbours fought back and showcased the positives of life in their community by taking part in a parade to show lanterns they had made at school and in workshops.

South Yorkshire Police said the event and ‘robust policing’ in traditional trouble hotspots resulted in Bonfire Night passing ‘largely without incident’ and ‘a significant reduction in anti-social behaviour’.

Inspector Paul Ferguson, who is responsible for policing in the Darnall area, said: “The One Darnall lantern parade was a great success, attended by young and old members of the community alike.

“It was a lovely celebration with a fantastic atmosphere, bringing the Darnall community together.

“In previous years, we have experienced pockets of disorder and criminality in certain areas of the city on Bonfire Night.

“This year, the actions of the city’s agencies working together, community activists and a robust policing presence led to a greatly diminished scenario.

“In total, more than 20 young men were dispersed from the area, fireworks were seized and intensive, reassuring patrols prevented any significant issues in the city.

“This meant communities were able to enjoy the Bonfire Night festivities without disruption or concern.”

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, Sheffield Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health at Sheffield City Council, said: “We’ve been working closely with the community in Darnall to bring people together, including for yesterday’s Bonfire Night celebrations. It was great to see so many people take part in such a fun and positive event.”