Police moo-ve in on escaped cow

Highland cow on the loose near Manor Top
Highland cow on the loose near Manor Top
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Armed police were called out in Sheffield as an escaped Highland cow roamed the city.

South Yorkshire Police deployed its firearms unit as a precaution following reports of the escaped animal on roads around the Manor Top area yesterday afternoon.

But the cow, which had escaped from Graves Park, was reunited with keepers after being coaxed back into a trailer by staff from the park.

Inspector Rebecca Chapman said the animal has now been returned home after being caught on Arbourthorne Road. Officers had been following the cow to ensure the public remained safe. She said she was unsure how long it had been on the loose.

“It was a Highland cow belonging to Graves Park,” she said.

“It had been wandering the streets of Sheffield for some time and it had become frightened.”

Social media users were kept up to date with the efforts to catch the animal through the Manor Castle Safer Neighbourhood Team Twitter account.

Staff said the cow was one of a number that had got loose over the weekend.

As efforts to bring the animal under control continued, the account said: “Cow containment is still ongoing. Us urban officers aren’t equipped for this type of thing!”

After the incident was over, it added: “Our firearms team was deployed for public safety but luckily for the cow it decided to get in its owner’s trailer.”

Eyewitnesses also saw the cow around Spring Lane.