Police marquee plan noise fears

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THE management of South Yorkshire Police’s Sheffield social club have been accused of ‘wanting to create an open air booze-fuelled racket’ - after applying to erect a marquee outside.

Residents living close to the Niagara Sports and Social Club, on Niagara Road, Wadsley Bridge - which is allowed to open until 1.30am each night - have claimed the plans will lead to noise and anti-social behaviour.

A total of 34 people living on nearby Eskdale Close have signed a petition against the application, to be heard at a meeting of Sheffield Council’s licensing board on Tuesday.

A resident of Beeley Wood Road also sent a letter of objection.

The resident, whose name was blacked out from the report to councillors, said: “I am astounded that anyone located within a few yards of private dwellings would even propose such an outrageous scheme.

“There are seven children aged eight years old and under living in our terrace of houses, directly behind the club, and I am appalled that South Yorkshire Police could be party to a proposal that could deprive these youngsters of sleep.

“ When Niagara has a disco in the existing premises on a Saturday night, my children cannot get to sleep in their bedrooms.

“I have had cause to complain when they opened a fire door in the height of summer and the noise was insufferable.

“My son cried himself to sleep on the night before his school sports day because a brass band was rehearsing inside the building.

“I know nothing of the reasons that Niagara have given for wanting to create an open air booze-fuelled racket seven nights a week, but I think that I have outlined very serious reasons why such anti-social behaviour should neither be encouraged nor allowed.”

The petitioners added: “The small estate of Eskdale Close is comprised of bungalows and semi-detached houses. Most of these dwellings are occupied by elderly persons, the chronically ill or disabled, and a good proportion are housebound.

“These people will not be able to avoid any increase in the noise levels or any prolonged disturbance from events being held in a marquee. Many residents have complained about the noise already issuing from the club on disco nights and wedding receptions late at night.”

Niagara is also seeking permission to ‘standardise’ the hours of all its licensable activities. Its current closing time of 1.30am each morning would be unchanged but, under the plans, entertainment and events could start from 8am.

Peter Darling, who is making the club’s application, said: “The company intends to purchase a marquee approximately 15 by 27 metres which would be situated in the grounds near the main entrance. It would be erected each year between March and October and would be used for a wide range of social events similar to those which have been held within the main premises for many years.

“For any events held in the marquee, a supervisor will be on duty to ensure noise levels are kept to a reasonable level and ensure no disturbance to nearby residents.

“A noise restrictor would be fitted to the sound system as required by the authorities.”