Police lied about gate C Hillsborough doctor tells jury

Fans outside Hillsborough on the day of the tragedy.
Fans outside Hillsborough on the day of the tragedy.
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A doctor has told the new inquests into the Hillsborough tragedy he knew the police had lied when he heard media reports fans had stormed a gate - because he saw who opened it.

Dr Niall Wilson was a fourth year medical student in 1989 and had gone to the game with friends, to support Liverpool.

After arriving at the Leppings Lane end at around 2.30pm, the group joined the crowd outside the turnstiles.

He told Matthew Hill, counsel to the inquests: “There wasn’t any obvious marshalling of the queues and there was just a large number of people who were getting increasingly pushed as other people joined from behind.”

As Dr Wilson went through the turnstiles he lost his friends, so waited by the tunnel where he saw exit gate C opened.

“It was opened, as I recall, by a steward, accompanied by a police officer.”

Dr Wilson told Sam Green, asking questions on behalf of the Police Federation, that the officer had a flat cap, rather than helmet.

The jury heard Dr Wilson didn’t include details of the officer’s hat in his first statement, and he accepted he might be mistaken, but said: “The one thing I was absolutely certain was that it was opened with a police officer.

“I was absolutely certain, and then on the way back when we heard the radio telling us that the Liverpool fans had stormed the gate, I knew for a fact that the police had lied about that.”

The jury heard Dr Wilson gave life-saving treatment to victims, after escaping the crush himself.

Meanwhile, a male juror has been discharged from the inquests.

Coroner Lord Justice Goldring said: “As you know, I’ve had to discharge one of you from jury service for wholly exceptional medical reasons.

“I’m sure you share my feelings that it is very sad that I have had to do so.

“We of course, must carry on.”

The inquests are expected to conclude in early 2016.