Police launch summer drink-drive purge

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MORE motorists are to be breathalysed by police in South Yorkshire this month as part of the county’s annual summer drink driving campaign.

The month-long crackdown is aimed at catching those who risk driving after drinking alcohol or while under the influence of drugs.

Latest figures show that in 2009, 380 people were killed - 17 per cent of all road fatalities - and 1,480 were seriously injured in drink drive collisions across Great Britain.

Police will be breathalysing motorists when they are stopped for committing driving offences, following collisions or when officers suspect someone may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Road traffic officers will also be stopping motorists and asking them to take a voluntary breath test as a deterrent to those tempted to take a chance and drive after a drink.

Inspector Pete Serhatlic said: “Last June, 4,862 drivers were breathalysed in South Yorkshire.

“Of these, 5.7 per cent tested positive, or refused or failed to provide a breath test. We plan to speak to a similar number of drivers again this time.

“Our high profile enforcement will take place at a range of locations throughout the day, not just at pub closing times.

“Our efforts will focus on educating road users on the dangers. We want to deter those who may be tempted, whilst reassuring the vast majority of law-abiding road users.

“Our message to drivers is that if you are going out with friends and know you will be drinking, organise alternative transport or a designated driver to ensure everyone is able to get home safely.”

And Insp Serhatlic appealed: “If you know someone that regularly drives whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please contact South Yorkshire Police,”