Police launch investigation into violent attack on a mother

South Yorkshire Police have launched an investigation into an attack on a single-mother who was violently kicked by a gang of teenagers on her own porch.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 3:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 3:48 pm
Anca Si Piticii's injuries to her face
Anca Si Piticii's injuries to her face

Anca Vacariu was left battered, bruised and afraid after the attack.

After three days police finally announced they would be investigating the attack.

Anca Si Piticii's injuries to her face

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A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “Just before 11.40pm on Friday 15 March it is reported that a 34-year-old woman was assaulted outside of her home on Weston Road, Doncaster.

“A group of youths are said to have become verbally aggressive towards the woman before assaulting her. She suffered injuries to her face which required hospital treatment.

“An investigation is underway to identify those involved and anyone who saw what happened or who has any information about the incident is asked to call 101 quoting reference number 14/47674/19.”

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Single mother violently attacked by teenagers on her own porch
She was left covered in blood after the attack

Ms Vacariu, who has two young children aged three and six, was fetching shampoo from the boot of her car when the gang of about 10 young thugs started screaming and swearing at her.

After telling them to ‘keep it down as there are young kids sleeping’ the group of boys and girls became increasingly aggressive.

She said: “They got angry and all jumped on me saying ‘you polish c***, you deserve a lesson’. They hit me with fists and knees in my face and head telling me to ‘f*** off to my country’.”

Ms Vacariu, who was actually born in Romania, said they also pushed her to the ground and kicked her in the head and eye while encouraging each other and laughing.

Injuries to Ms Piticii's eye

“I managed to escape and knock on my neighbours’ door. He came out and tried to cool things down. I ran inside my house to call the police. They damaged the fence and threw a brick through my friend’s car window that was parked on my drive.”

She heard them leaving and saw a black SUV pick up three of the children and speed away.

She said: “My six year old son cried when he saw what they had done to me, I had to lie and tell him it was a work accident as I don’t want him to be afraid, he’s already scared for me.

“Every second I thank God they didn’t have a knife because if they did they would have used it.”

If you have information relating to the incident call 101 quoting reference number 14/47674/19.