Police launch investigation after car crashes into house in South Yorkshire

Alexandra Road, Swallownest, Sheffield (Google)
Alexandra Road, Swallownest, Sheffield (Google)
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Police have launched an investigation after a car crashed into a house in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire police were called to an incident this morning, June 10, following reports that a car had crashed into the porch area of a house on Alexandra Road, Swallownest.

Reports suggest a silver golf was being driven around the estate at speed when the driver lost control hitting a parked car on the drive of the house in question.

The impact then sent the homeowners car, a black BMW, crashing into the porch causing considerable damage.

Witnesses claim the car had no tax or insurance, but this is not confirmed.

Police say enquiries are still ongoing to locate the driver of the golf, who fled from the scene.

One resident described hearing a loud bang, before leaving the house to investigate.

"I saw two cars and all the wall down, the driver had run off before anyone got out, there was nobody at the scene."

Residents are calling again for the council to impose a stricter speed limit on the area.

"It's like a cut through from the estate, it's quite narrow when cars are parked on one side you can only get one car through at a time," they added.

"They've moved the kids play area to the side of the road, and there's no signs for a speed limit. There are children about and they come tearing along here.

"Where the road widens it's easy to lose control of your car, which they did this morning. We have CCTV and you can see the car speeding along and losing control after hitting the pavement."

"They drive like idiots, it's a accident waiting to happen."

If you have any information on the incident contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.