Police issue warning over thieves targeting cars and vans in Sheffield

A police warning has been issued about car crime
A police warning has been issued about car crime

A warning has been issued to motorists over thieves targeting cars and vans in Sheffield.

Overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday, Sheffield officers received a dozen reports of thefts from vehicles.

In half of the cases, the vehicles had been left unlocked.

Detective Sergeant Wayne Price said: “If you have automatic locking and use a fob to lock your doors, I’d recommend that you always double check to make sure your doors are locked before walking away.

“This simple check could save you the trouble and distress of returning to your vehicle to find that it has been targeted by opportunistic thieves.

“In addition, please remember not to leave on show any valuables or any items that someone might choose to break into your car for.

"Five of the 12 reports overnight on Tuesday include vehicles broken into for items like satnavs, dash-cams and mobile phone cradles.

“Even loose change could be appealing to someone, so make sure anything like this is kept out of sight or not left in your vehicle."

Thieves have struck in Woodhouse five times over recent days, with two cars targeted in Mauncer Lane, two others in Bishop Hill and one in Church Lane.

Two vans were broken into in Stradbroke - one in Stradbroke Drive and the other in Stradbroke Road.

Offences have also been reported in Woodland Drive, Charnock; Clayton Crescent, Waterthorpe and Sheffield Road, Tinsley.

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.