Police issue safety warning after discovery of drug den in Sheffield

A cannabis factory was found in a house in Tinsley yesterday
A cannabis factory was found in a house in Tinsley yesterday

A warning has been issued about the danger of bypassing electricity following the discovery of a cannabis factory in Sheffield.

The drug den was found in a terraced row of homes in Tinsley yesterday and when officers examined the property they found that the electricity meter had been bypassed by those behind the cannabis factory.

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An investigation is now underway.

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A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "This extremely shoddy and dangerous wiring was found in a cannabis factory we discovered yesterday.

"Would you want to live next door to this cowboy ganja farmer and risk being immolated due to stupidity and greed?

"Thought not. This criminal thought nothing, however, of risking the lives of families and small children living on the same row of terraced houses.

"The fuse board and meter had been bypassed, just like the common sense of the person responsible."