Police in Sheffield ask underage drinkers to pick up litter

Police asked underage drinkers to pick up litter
Police asked underage drinkers to pick up litter
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Children caught with alcohol in Sheffield were asked to pick up litter by officers who seized their drinks.

They were found with alcohol in High Street, Beighton, on Saturday night during police patrols around the estate aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said " Anti social behaviour patrols were conducted around Beighton.

"An underage group of people were stopped on High Street, where searches revealed a quantity of alcohol. This was quickly confiscated and poured away.

"We will follow up the action with home visits to the parents, where letters regarding behaviour will be issued on record to those involved.

"As to not entirely spoil their fun for the night we asked them to take part in a spontaneous community litter pick collecting up the various items of rubbish left at the location. Sadly they didn't enjoy it as much as we thought they would.

"There will always be a difference of opinion as to what we should spend our time doing and as quite rightly pointed out we can only be in one place at a time.

"The issue of underage drinking has contributed to rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour for sometime at this location. Over recent weeks have received reports of criminal damage to vehicles equating to several thousand pounds at this location. To those victims, us carrying out this work will be of great reassurance to them.

"Underage drinking has gone on for years and will no doubt continue to do so despite our best efforts. We will continue in our efforts to educate those acting irresponsibly of the consequences of their actions but also to ensue their own safety. We do not want to be seen to be stopping young people having fun but we have a duty of care to act upon complaints when this impacts on the quality of life for others.

"Working with local premises that sell alcohol we can ensure they are working with us in checking for identification of those attempting to purchase alcohol and refusing sales where appropriate. Test purchase operations will also continue to take place."