Police in Derbyshire plea for guns to be handed in

Members of the public area being urged to hand in guns
Members of the public area being urged to hand in guns
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Police chiefs in Derbyshire are calling for guns and weapons to be handed in at stations next week.

They are backing a national campaign aimed at preventing weapons from falling into the wrong hands and being used in crimes.

Anyone who hands in a weapon between Monday, November 13 and Sunday, November 26 will escape prosecution for possession.

In addition to handing over illegal firearms, people with any any antique weapons or legally-owned guns that licence holders no longer want or need can be surrended.

Inspector Pat Howitt, who is leading the firearms surrender in Derbyshire, said: “The response we had to the last firearms surrender was fantastic and meant that there were 153 fewer weapons that could be used to commit crimes such as armed robbery in Derbyshire.

“The aim is to get guns off the streets and out of circulation, so we can stop criminals getting hold of them.

“Whether it’s a genuine firearm, an old antique pistol kept on display, a shotgun someone no longer wants or even just a BB gun that looks real, we want them all to be handed in.

“This surrender is part of that continuing work, giving people the chance to hand over guns that they do not want, no longer need, or should not have in the first place.

“By working together with the public, we can cut the number of guns available once again and keep our streets and communities safe.”

The last firearms surrender in Derbyshire was in 2014, and saw 153 shotguns, rifles and pistols handed in along with more than 9,300 rounds of ammunition and three deactivated hand grenades.

The items can be handed in at four location across the county – St Mary’s Wharf and Pear Tree police station in Derby; Chesterfield police station; and Buxton police station.

Hardyal Dhindsa, Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Derbyshire is one of the safest counties and I want it to stay that way. I’m clear that possession or use of a firearm - real, imitation or antique - can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

“We want to make sure the public have the opportunity to surrender any weapons that they have without a licence, or simply do not want, in a safe way.

“If this national campaign saves just one person from being injured or killed by a firearm it will be worthwhile.”