Police in blitz on rail cable thefts

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railway police will be blitzing Doncaster over the next few weeks with additional officers and patrols in a big push to target cable crime.

The special two week operation will involve large numbers of British Transport Police officers from across the country being deployed to work alongside their dedicated cable squad of over 20 officers.

They will assist by providing high-visibility patrols day and night in key hotspot areas on the railway network that are often targeted by criminals attempting to steal railway cable which results in disruption and misery for the travelling public.

Chf Insp David Oram said: “The price of copper on world markets continues to drive the demand for cable, which has resulted in an increase in the number of incidents of cable theft on the railway.

“British Transport Police, in partnership with Network Rail, has developed a number of tactics to tackle cable and metal theft, including frequent visits to scrap metal dealers and the instigation of Operation Leopard, which has seen officers across the country specialising in the investigation of cable theft.

“These have yielded significant results, but increasing metal prices on world markets is resulting in a similar rise in the number of thefts of rail and cable. The railway network is vast so we are undertaking this operation to get as many officers as we can involved to really target hotspot areas in Doncaster.

“We hope this sends a strong message out to those who engage in criminal activity that we have more officers patrolling the network than ever before.”

Thousands of residents in Doncaster will be receiving a leaflet from British Transport Police through their doors in the next few weeks highlighting the effects of cable theft and warning of the dangers.