Police hunt South Yorkshire train station cycle thieves at large

Cycle theft Doncaster
Cycle theft Doncaster
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CYCLE thieves operating at train stations in South Yorkshire area being hunted by police.

British Transport Police has issued images of three men from Sheffield they want to trace about incidents as well as two from Doncaster.

The force has arrested 67 suspects over the last 12 months after stepping up patrols, targeting known hotspots and using both covert and overt policing techniques.

Chief Inspector Derek O’Mara said: “Officers investigating each of these cases have followed multiple lines of enquiry and circulated these images on police intelligence systems to try and get names for these people, but to no avail so far.

“We’re now asking for help from members of the public to identify them. If you know any of these people and can tell us who they are, we want to hear from you.

“Our intelligence shows that cycle thieves will travel to commit a crime, so please look at these photos carefully. Although the theft may not have taken place at your local station, you may know the person who has committed it.”

He added: “There are a number of measures cyclists can take to reduce their chances of becoming a victim.Lock your bike whenever you leave it, preferably with a D lock, which is a heavy steel lock in a D or U shape. When you lock your cycle, try to fit the bike stand, the rim of one of the wheels and the cycle frame into the D, this will make it harder for thieves to take and there’ll also be less space in the D which will prevent thieves from inserting bars or jacks to lever the lock.

“Wherever possible leave your bike in a busy, well-lit area which is covered by CCTV and please also ensure that your cycle has been property marked and fitted with an electronic tracing system or tag to help locate it in the event of a theft.

“Make sure your cycle is insured, keep a photograph of it and note the frame number and any markings which will help police to identify any stolen bikes that are recovered.

“Thieves should be aware the majority of cycle racks are now monitored by CCTV. They are also patrolled by plain clothed officers so the likelihood of getting caught is high.

“We will continue to work closely with Network Rail and the train companies to tackle cycle crime and passengers should report any suspicious behaviour to a member of staff or police.”

Call British Transport Police on 0800 405040.