Police highlight the importance of internet safety amongst the deaf community

Derbyshire police have been teaming up to raise awareness of internet safety amongst the deaf community in Chesterfield.
Derbyshire PoliceDerbyshire Police
Derbyshire Police

Digital PCSO Shevani Raichura was joined by PLOD Manager (Police Link Officers for people who are Deaf) Jane Birkin to host an internet safety session at the Chesterfield Community Centre on Tontine Road, Chesterfield.

During the talk on Saturday, September 10, Digital PCSO Raichura spoke to the man and women at the Chesterfield Hard of Hearing Club about the steps that they could take to keep themselves safe in the online world. A British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter then shared the information with the group and shared thoughts back to PCSO Raichura.

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During the presentation, Shevani offered advice on a range of online safety topics, before discussing issues such as scam emails, copycat websites and tips on how to spot a genuine site with the group.

Digital PCSO Raichura said: “It is always a great opportunity to head out and meet with different groups to discuss internet safety and the Chesterfield Deaf Club was no different.

“The group were fantastic and really engaged with the sessions. It was really interesting to see the group sharing their own and their friends and family’s experiences of fraud and scam emails before discussing the steps that they could take to prevent them from falling victim.

“It was thought-provoking to see what differences the Deaf Community face in reporting crimes and how cybercrime can affect them.”

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For cybercrime prevention advice, information and support, visit the dedicated Protect Yourself Online web hub.

How to contact Derbyshire Constabulary if you are deaf or hard of hearing

In an emergency:

National Short Message Service (SMS) - To use this service you will need to register at www.emergencysms.org.uk

999 if there is a hearing person available to assist you.


101 - Please use a NRCPD Nationally registered qualified BSL interpreter.

Derbyshire Constabulary SMS (text messages) 07800 00241;

SMS email form:[email protected] - Please note: The email facilities on this site are not monitored 24 hours.