Police fund free information cards for people in Rotherham with autism

Jason Harwin
Jason Harwin
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People with autism in Rotherham needing help in emergency situations are set to benefit from a scheme developed by the National Autistic Society and funded by South Yorkshire Police.

Free ‘Autism Alert Cards’ are now available to people living in Rotherham after police funded the printing of 500.

The cards were developed by the NAS to be carried by people with autism and used in situations where communication may be difficult.

They are credit-card sized, and clearly labelled with a person’s name, emergency contact details and an information leaflet about autism and how to talk to people with the condition.

Autism affects the way a person communicates with, and relates to, others, as well as how they understand the world around them.

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin, District Commander for Rotherham, said: “We’re delighted to be able to support the NAS with such an important scheme. Our officers come into contact with people from all sections of society, including those with autism, many of whom have additional communication needs.

“People carrying the Autism Alert Card can present it to officers, or anyone else, to help explain their behaviour in times of stress, such as in an accident, or to explain their needs if they are unable to communicate them verbally or struggling to get their message across.