Police, fire officers team up for educational firework campaign in South Yorkshire ahead of Guy Fawkes Night

South Yorkshire emergency service personnel are reminding Sheffielders of the dangers of fireworks in the lead-up to bonfire night.

Saturday, 14th October 2017, 6:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:20 am
Police and fire officers have teamed up to remind the public of the dangers of fireworks ahead Guy Hawkes night.

The county's fire and police officers have teamed up to offer safety advice to the public ahead of Guy Fawkes Night on November 5.

Officers will speak with local communities to highlight the dangers, and potentially fatal harm, that can be caused through young people starting fires and playing with fireworks.

They will conduct extra patrols to address issues relating to antisocial behaviour.

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Force lead for antisocial behaviour, Superintendent Colin McFarlane, said: “Bonfire Night and Halloween are events celebrated by everyone of all ages and whilst we want them to be enjoyed by all, it is important that members of the public act both safely and responsibly.

“Our priority remains keeping everyone safe and we will be working with our colleagues from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, to educate everyone around the dangers of firework misuse and how issues or concerns around Bonfire Night, Halloween and ‘mischief night’, can be reported.

“There are lots of safety precautions everyone can take to prevent Halloween and Bonfire night from being remembered for all of the wrong reasons. For example, please make sure that you don’t leave rubbish or old furniture lying around – instead, store it securely behind a locked gate or away from your home.

“You can also ensure your wheelie bin is off the street after collection day and is secure within the boundary of your property. This will help to prevent these items from being used for small fires, which could spread quickly and put the lives of those you love most at risk.”

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, area manager, Steve Helps, said: “Three quarters of all the fires we attend are started deliberately, which is a massive drain on our resources.

"Starting fires is reckless and costs lives, as even small fires like bin and rubbish fires can quickly spread, take fire engines away from more serious incidents and put you and the people you love in real danger.

"The best way to enjoy the bonfire and Halloween period is to attend an organised display. The bonfires are bigger, the fireworks are better and they are a lot safer.”