Police Federation calls for more officers in South Yorkshire

Zuleika Payne
Zuleika Payne

The Police Federation in South Yorkshire is calling for more bobbies in a bid to ease workload pressures.

Chairman Zuleika Payne spoke out after the results of a survey revealed disgruntled officers were unhappy with their pay and workload.

It also found that 97 per cent of the 665 who took part in the survey have low morale.

Ms Payne said: "Having thoroughly read through the report it isn’t surprising but it’s a very saddening read.

“An interesting note from the outset is that the number of police officers from South Yorkshire who took part in the survey this year - 665 - compared to last saw an increase. So, clearly more officers are feeling obliged, almost compelled, to respond to the survey, which is very telling in itself.

“When you look at the actual percentages and where we sit when compared to the national picture, then we do fare badly when it comes to morale and officers not feeling that they are paid fairly for the work they do. The other disturbing point is the number of officers who feel that their workload has significantly increased in the last year - 83.2 per cent.

“Every force will have its own findings, but when you pitch us against other forces nationally, then it makes for a very uncomfortable outcome. However, a finding that is not surprising given everything the force has experienced.”

She added: “Basically, what we need is more police officers and an investment to be made in policing, giving the Chief Constables the extra money to do that.

"By the time we’ve finished our recruiting programme which has been well under way this year, with plans for next year and up to early 2022, we’re not actually going to see that many more police officers.

“We’re losing officers through retirement, voluntary exit and a small number through ill-health retirement. So, despite our best efforts on recruiting campaigns, without proper investment we’re not really going to see a huge hike in officer numbers overall.”

There are currently 2,516 officers employed by South Yorkshire Police.