Police 'fear for the safety' of some teenagers in Sheffield suburb

Some youths in Scott Road have been visited by the police
Some youths in Scott Road have been visited by the police

Letters have been sent to the parents of some teenagers in a Sheffield suburb telling them that the police 'fear for the safety' of their children.

The Burngreave neighbourhood policing team has identified a number of children who they fear could be at risk of 'taking the wrong path' in life and becoming embroiled in crime and anti-social behaviour.

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Police chiefs stress that the letters are not designed to 'accuse' young people but to show that the children have been identified as 'vulnerable' and to offer a 'helping hand in steering them away from criminality'.

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A spokesman for the Burngreave neighbourhood policing team said: "We have again shown further commitment to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and protecting vulnerable people in the last few days.

"We are working closely with our community’s parents and partner agencies to steer youths away from taking the wrong path, offering them support by issuing them letters of concern.

"These letters, which are issued to the youth and their parents, are designed to not accuse, but to show that we, the police, fear for the safety of their teenage children, and to offer a helping hand in steering them away from criminality."

He added: "This activity has been focused on the Scott Road area of Burngreave, where a number of youths have had personal visits from our team to discuss the notices and alternatives to poor choices."