Police fail to act on young yobs who make life a misery

I AM writing to join so many others in complaining about the lack of support from the police. My mother-in-law is one of the many people being harassed and verbally abused by a gang of youths on her street.

She has only lived there for four months and has had abuse from the word go. She does not know these boys, she has had no dealings with them before. There is no reason why they should verbally abuse her or attack her home with missiles thrown at her windows or doors. The police say they have driven down the road but can't see anyone. They don't even call at her house to see what the youths have done.

Can you please tell me why we are paying council tax for police services when they are so hard to get hold of?

They are not interested in helping or doing something because they are kids. The problem is these kids know the police can't do anything. That's why they do it. The police need more freedom to deal with these thugs, before we start to do it ourselves.

Worried Sheffield resident

I PUT in many hours of hard work erecting a fence, laying a lawn, planting rose bushes and trimming the privet hedge of a kitchen garden outside a council house in Gleadless.

It is now in a terrible state after someone pulled down my fence, ruined my hedge and damaged most of my roses.

I have complained to Sheffield City Council's Housing Department and to the police, but all they say is: 'There's nothing we can do about the damage to your garden property'.

The city council's housing department is ready to complain to tenants who do not keep their council house gardens neat and tidy. Here I am trying to keep my garden neat and tidy and yet the housing department allows others to ruin it.

Brian Hanson, Gleadless

Got an opinion? Click hereWake up to fact that terror is an illusion

WELL done to Mr Montgomery, for his letter 'Terror is an illusion' (Aug 23). The biggest threat to our lives is not from a handful of nihilists, but from our government which has become the Banking Elite's shower toy, by killing literally thousands of people on a world stage in the name of 'freedom and democracy', and sneaking through draconian laws which infringe our basic rights and now deem people guilty before later proven innocent.

It's a smoke screen to protect the hegemonic Bankers from ruling behind the scenes.

The sooner people wake up and learn this the better it is for all of us.

R Seymour, Fulmer Rd, Sheffield 11

Only cockroaches like Park Hill flats

THE decision to spend hundreds of millions of pounds on refurbishing Park Hill flats just beggars belief. It's an eyesore and has been so for the last 20 years.

The people who gave it listed building status must have been on something stronger than water.

Just what are they going to do with the millions of cockroaches that infest the place? Give them 1 each and ask them to bid for another property!

This council is throwing cash by the skipful at this project while, at the same time, they have given the go-ahead to demolish the Victorian buildings in and around Pinstone Street.

These buildings will be our ancient structures of tomorrow and the planners want to demolish them and for what? A shopping precinct.

Meadowhall was given the red light and it killed the town, every road led to Meadowhall.

Most of the bus routes were diverted there even though not everybody wanted to go there.

Why not demolish Park Hill and build a shopping precinct there but then we would still have the cockroach problem.

What a shower! they could not organise a haircut in a barbers, God give me strength.

Mr Vin Malone, Spotswood Close, Sheffield 14

Got an opinion? Click hereCharity snooker event raises 1,000

JUST a quick note to say a very big thank you to all that helped publicise the Cancer Research UK charity snooker match at Riley's Snooker Club, Lescar Lane, Sheffield.

The event was a fantastic success and we hope to have raised in the region of 1000 by the time we have finished. We totalled 105 frames by the time we reached two days, with the score James Travis 55 - Mark Morton 50, but the real winner was Cancer Research UK.

Ray Stubbs started the event for us by suggesting we try to beat our own World Record of 48 hours, created at Cue Zone, during the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield at The Crucible Theatre next April.

He has said he will put the germ of the idea to the powers that be, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we get the green light soon and the rematch is on, so watch this space

James Travis

Music offers escape from life's problems

LIFE is a test. The one thing that is able to release us from the difficulties of life that we face each and every day is music. Music is the key to life. It is played for many purposes including entertainment, religious ceremonies and pleasure.

After completing time at work, I sit with a gentleman at the Old Red Lion in Grenoside and listen to the many tracks that play on a regular basis. We have held many discussions of how music seems to be the key element to life and agreed that music appeals to members of many generations.

Our lives evolve around music. Although there seems to be constant conflict around the world, we are all reunited by the sound of music. Music seems to shield the world from the agonising difficulties we all face in life and so offers us the escapism we most desperately require.

Aiden James Scott, Greno ate, Grenoside, Sheffield

Planning decisions are crucial to city

I HOPE that the planners, architects and everyone involved in the scheme for the new Retail Quarter design the buildings with some style and respect of Sheffield tradition because we don't want another disaster.

This project is arguably the most important in Sheffield city centre and it is vital that all involved get it right. I also hope to see some buildings of historical note protected and other places under cover provided as part of the partially covered walkways.

On a separate matter, whoever gave Park Hill flats Grade II listed building status must be mad. More like Grade V listed eyesore.

They'd better clean them up like Hyde Park flats, which look OK and give them a once over or there will be a lot of annoyed Sheffielders and others on trains laughing their heads off!

These planning decisions had better be the right ones else the city will pay for years and decades to come.

Ian Whitehead, Sheffield

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