Police face four week wait for blood test results after roundabout crash in Rotherham

An overturned car following a roundabout crash in Rotherham
An overturned car following a roundabout crash in Rotherham
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Police officers investigating a collision on a Rotherham roundabout have to wait four weeks for blood tests results to show whether a motorist was drink driving.

Officers on patrol came across a car on its roof in the middle of a roundabout in Manvers Way, Manvers, Rotherham, at 3.40am yesterday.

The driver, a 24-year-old man, was taken to hospital with minor injuries and gave a blood sample to be tested to establish whether he had been drinking before the crash.

It will take four weeks for the results to come back.

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A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Officers on patrol came across this wreck in the middle of a roundabout on Manvers Way, Rotherham.

"A 24-year-old male was taken to Rotherham District General Hospital with minor injuries, very lucky considering the damage to the vehicle.

"It would appear that the vehicle hit the roundabout and has gone airbourne before crashing down to earth on the roof.

"The male has not been arrested but did fail a roadside breath test.

"As he was injured we have to look after him and rightly so. Instead of custody he was taken to hospital where his injuries were treated.

"In the meantime we asked the doctor for permission to take bloods, this was done and our police surgeon attended to take an evidential drink drive sample.

"It will take around four weeks for the results to come back.

"If the driver is over the drink drive limit he will be sent to court."