Police drugs raid at councillor’s property

The police raid
The police raid
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A COUNCILLOR called in police to raid his own property in Sheffield after neighbours told him they suspected his tenants were growing drugs.

Coun Mazher Iqbal, 38, moved out of his house on Clifton Crescent, Handsworth, three months ago and rented it out.

Cllr Mazher Iqbal.

Cllr Mazher Iqbal.

The Labour councillor asked police to investigate after neighbours told him they smelled cannabis coming from the building.

When police arrived they found what is believed to be a cannabis factory – the material is still being tested by forensic officers.

Coun Iqbal, who until 2008 led Sheffield’s war on crime as cabinet advisor for community safety, said he had no links to the current occupant besides a straightforward tenant-landlord relationship.

Police in two vans, led to the house by Coun Iqbal’s brother, raided the property at around 3pm on Wednesday.

Inspector Paul Ferguson of Darnall and Tinsley safer neighbourhood team, said: “Mr Iqbal called us to say he suspected the premises may have been used for some illicit activity by a person other than him. We investigated with his permission.

“Officers attended a rented house at Clifton Crescent after a report of alleged criminal activity. On arrival police discovered a suspected cannabis factory at the house, which was not occupied at the time.

“Forensic officers are now to examine the property. Inquiries are continuing.”

Neighbours said two police vans arrived soon after 2.30pm and officers were seen with bolt cutters.

Coun Iqbal, Darnall ward councillor, said: “The tenant is not related to me in any way, nor a friend.”