Police dogs visit nursery children

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TOTS at a Rotherham nursery took part in a police line up when officers called in - and brought along two South Yorkshire Police dogs.

The pooches, Nasa, a firearms support dog, and Duke, a drugs sniffer dog, visited Pollywiggles nursery in Treeton, Rotherham, along with handler PC Paul Brackpool.

He spoke about the dogs’ roles and then the children saw them in action.

The officer planted a small drug packet on a members of nursery staff and brought Duke into the nursery and introduced him to the children.

The older children and staff were lined up so Duke could walk along and locate the drugs.

He found the packet quickly and was rewarded with his ball and strokes from the children.

Then PCSO Julie Jackson wore a protective sleeve and brandished a large stick as she charged at PC Brackpool and Nasa before being ‘arrested’.

She said: “The children wanted to know all about the dogs, where they lived, what they ate and how long they can work.”