Police cordon extended after murder of Sheffield boy, 15

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A police cordon at a murder scene in Sheffield has been extended this morning.

Officers have sealed off more of Lowedges around the spot where a 15-year-old boy was knifed at 7.50pm yesterday.

Police officers are out in force in Lowedges folllowing the murder of a boy, aged 15

Police officers are out in force in Lowedges folllowing the murder of a boy, aged 15

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He was pronounced dead in hospital an hour later.

The boy, who has not yet been named, was found seriously injured in Lowedges Road and officers have now taped off more of the street as detectives attempt to piece together what exactly happened.

Nearby Chesterfield Road South is also sealed off from the Bowshaw roundabout to the Meadowhead roundabout, for traffic heading towards Sheffield.

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The murder victim has not yet been named by South Yorkshire Police.

His killer is still at large.

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One concerned Lowedges resident said: "I've lived in Lowedges for 28 years now and I can't believe this has happened.

"I was watching TV last night but I didn't hear a thing until the police helicopter came out. I didn't know the boy personally but I've said all things like god bless him because that's the type of people we are, so young it's terrible."

Another said: "It's made me feel like I want to get to get my kids off these streets, what is the world coming to?

"I can't believe he was only 15, it's no age. It was only the other week someone got stabbed down Batemoor too."

Another shocked resident said: "I feel like it's the worst area in Sheffield.

"Every day there's police around arresting people for robbery, stabbings, fighting - different things happening every day."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.