Police considering ‘gang injunctions’ to keep Sheffield streets safe in wake of drugs feud

Reformed criminals help to steer other youngsters away from crime - pictured is Jama Ahmed at Unity Gym, Sheffield city centre
Reformed criminals help to steer other youngsters away from crime - pictured is Jama Ahmed at Unity Gym, Sheffield city centre
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Police are considering ‘gang injunctions’ to keep Sheffield’s streets safe after a High Court judge warned a feud between two groups ‘has spiralled out of control’.

Mr Justice Green made the comments as he sentenced Somali gang member and ‘sophisticated drug dealer’ Jama Ahmed to life in prison following his conviction for murdering Jordan Thomas.

Ahmed was a key part of a plot by the Broomhall-based group to execute the 22-year-old in revenge for Jordan’s cousin James Knowles killing a man allegedly linked to the Somali group called Mubarak Ali in 2011.

Jordan’s friend Neshaun Ferguson was also injured by a bullet after a masked gunman – who is still at large – walked up to the car they were in on Derek Dooley Way and fired three shots through the passenger-side window, two of which hit Mr Thomas in the chest.

Mr Justice Green told Ahmed: “You and your associates have engaged in a feud across the streets of Sheffield with another gang.

“This feud has spiralled out of control.

“It has led to the death of Mubarak Ali and Jordan Thomas and it nearly took the life of Neshaun Ferguson. Most of your associates have now fled the country to evade justice. You have brought danger and threat to the citizens of this city and it simply has to be understood that those who engage in gun violence of this sort will face severe sentences.”

Sheffield Superintendent Shaun Morley said: “We are currently considering implementing a number of gang injunctions in Sheffield and will work with the courts to ensure we’re doing all we can to keep people safe. A gang injunction is a tool that allows police and local authorities to apply to the courts for an injunction against a person to prevent gang-related violence.

“The orders allow police to put restrictions on people known to be involved in organised violent crime. Restrictions include curfews, use of mobile phones, associations with other people and the use of certain routes. Anyone who breaches an injunction appears before court within 24 hours and would probably face jail.”


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