Police called to Sheffield suburb after reports of man chasing youths with knife

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Police were called to a Sheffield suburb tonight after reports of a man threatening and chasing youths with a knife.

A Star reader got in touch and sent these photos of police in Jordanthorpe, allegedly responding to a report of a man wielding a knife in public.

The woman, known as Rachael, said: “Man on Jordanthorpe shops with a knife threatening and chasing youths, lots of police.”

The incident is understood to have happened at 8.15pm.

The woman continued: “He went into the chip shop and said to the people who worked in there ‘I’m fed up of kids like these causing trouble’. They said but they haven’t done anything wrong, then he came out and started to chase them.

“He went home, came back with two knives, the chip shop called the police.

“One parent tried to calm him down but he threatened her too waving the knife in her face.”

An out-of-hours contact at South Yorkshire Police was contacted by The Star. A spokesman confirmed that a live incident is currently ongoing at of 9.20pm, but refused to confirm or deny specific details of the report.

Did you see the incident? Do you have more information? Call police on 101.

If you have further information to aid reporting, also email news@thestar.co.uk