Police boss issues drink-drive warning

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South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner has issued a scathing attack on drink drivers.

Shaun Wright’s comments come as the force launches its spring drink drive campaign.

Figures show 10 per cent of crashes and 14 per cent of deaths on the roads are caused by drink drivers and those under 25 are more likely to get behind the wheel when over the limit.

Mr Wright said: “The fact these people risk not only their own lives, but the lives of others by getting behind the wheel after drinking, is the height of social irresponsibility.

“Aside from the most important aspect, that of road safety, people who consider it the norm to drink and drive seem to forget that if they are caught, they’ll not only receive a driving ban and a fine, but they can end up with a criminal record and possibly even a prison sentence.

“The amount of police resource that has to be wasted on what is a completely preventable ‘crime’ must frustrate most officers.

“But perhaps the most frustrating aspect of all, is that it is so simple for people to take total responsibility for their own actions by just not drinking and driving.”

n To report a drink driver, call police on 101.