Police blitz on Chesterfield off-road bikers

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Off-road bikers in North Derbyshire are to be targeted by police.

Officers have warned they will take action against nuisance off-road riders in Staveley after complaints about bikes being ridden noisily.

Derbyshire Police said the offenders are using disused land and an old quarry site, both privately owned, off Farndale Road, Chesterfield.

Warning notices and flyers have been put up and handed to riders to make them aware of the concerns and the law around off-road biking.

Now officers will be using mobile CCTV cameras to capture evidence of them breaking the law.

They will also be using legislation to seize bikes if they are being used inconsiderately.

PC Patrick Cooney said: “Those wanting to ride responsibly should find a commercial motor sports centre or join a club.”