Police apply for booze ban to clean up suburb

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POLICE chiefs have applied for a alcohol exclusion zone for a Sheffield suburb blighted by underage drinking, anti-social behaviour and drug abuse.

Senior officers want Sheffield Council to introduce the zone in Shiregreen.

It would give officers the right to ask people to stop drinking and those refusing could be arrested.

Inspector Simon Leake, who runs Shiregreen Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Shiregreen doesn’t just have a problem with people misusing alcohol and causing anti-social behaviour in the street.

“It has a problem with people renting out social houses and using them to cultivate cannabis. That cannabis ends up in the pockets of young people that we search.

“We search those young people because we have found them on the street and they have got themselves into trouble.

“In most cases we find alcohol is a factor and that it goes hand in hand with drug misuse.

“There are some families on the estate who are persistent problem-causers – whether that is putting their neighbours through the hell of persistent anti-social behaviour, breaking into homes or stealing from cars.

“Again there is a clear threat of alcohol misuse within these families.

“An alcohol-exclusion zone, supported by multi-agency effort and other community orders, will have the desired effect of showing the community in Shiregreen we will not stand for such behaviour in the future.

“We want to see Shiregreen back to what it was – a community with a sense of unity, which will stand up to wrongdoers, and knows it can rely on the support of the police and responsible agencies to respond to and tackle issues.”

The application will be discussed at the Licensing Sub-Committee tomorrow.