Police and Crime Commissioner shadows bobbies in Rotherham

Reverend Dr Alan Billings
Reverend Dr Alan Billings
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South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner spent a day shadowing bobbies in Rotherham.

Dr Alan Billings attended the daily management meeting, where senior officers set the priorities for the day.

The Commissioner then spent time with Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin to discuss the key priorities for the town before meeting officers from Integrated Offender Management Unit to find out about how they keep ex-prisoners on the straight and narrow.

He also went on a tour of Eastwood.

Dr Billings said: “It is on visits like this that I get the opportunity to hear from police officers and residents about the differing demands facing communities.

“Today’s management briefing gave me an insight in to how the previous night or week’s demands determine how officers are deployed across the district.

“What is becoming more apparent is that the demands are not always that of a criminal nature, with up to 80 per cent of police time spent on other matters such as missing persons, scene sitting and dealing with vulnerable people.”