Police action over 'whistleblower'

DONCASTER Council's 'whistleblowing' policy resulted in police being called to investigate one case last year, an annual report has revealed.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th September 2007, 9:50 am
Updated Thursday, 13th September 2007, 10:52 am

Five cases were also referred for investigation after reports from whistleblowers, and four received internal council investigations.

Disciplinary action was taken against one employee as a result of a matter raised by a staff member.

Details of the case investigated by South Yorkshire Police have not been made public.

Concerns raised in the past have included allegations of theft, fraud or corruption, improper conduct, health and safety risks, or behaviour that falls below established standards of practice.

Anyone bringing a matter to the council’s attention under the whistleblowing policy has the right to remain anonymous.

No-one at Doncaster Council has reported receiving detrimental treatment as a result of whistleblowing, said the new report.

Last year three cases were brought to the council’s attention by whistleblowers. All three were investigated, with one being referred to the police.

Disciplinary action was taken against two employees.