Police action over the top

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Once again we have serious crimes over the weekend while the police keep telling us that there is no problem.

We have a shooting and a stabbing and they say there is nothing to worry about.

Plus why have they shut down Spital Hill for more than 48 hours when the shooting occured indoors?

Is it not over the top by the police once again?

If they spent as much time catching the wrongdoers as they do closing down crime scene areas they would be world-beaters.

So is anything going to be done to stop it or are we to have to stop in every night for fear of this violent city?

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Prince’s valets

It made my day to read that Price Charles has a valet who actually irons his shoe-laces - not to be confused with the valet who puts the toothpaste on his toothbrush, or the one who ensures he never travels anywhere without his white leather toilet-seat. Being short of a few bob, I’ve applied to be Charles’ personal toe-nail cutting valet and his postage-stamp licker, but I expect those vital jobs are taken.

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

It’s not tough

I READ the article Busted: drug growers punished in judge’s crackdown on cannabis. But I have to say that I don’t think the sentences were tough. Do you call 12 weeks, unpaid work, suspended jail terms, two-year conditional discharge, six months, tougher sentences?

I don’t think so.

Tougher sentences are a minimum of 10 years behind bars. Why not put everyone behind bars for 10 years?

That is what you call tougher sentences.

So come on judges, stop playing about and being too soft and give out proper punishments for the use of cannabis.

If they do it again, send them to Afghanistan!

Nadeem Akram, S

Out to collect

A SIGN the police budget’s been cut: I counted 67 mobile speed cameras around South Yorkshire. They’re out to collect as much as possible from us.

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Garden cleaned up on cheap

This weekend the rangers and several volunteers cleaned up all the litter and trash from Cat Lane Woods and did a brilliant job.

Imagine my utter disgust when taking my dog for a walk today and I found that the lane was totally blocked by a huge pile of garden rubbish.

Someone in this area has had their conifers and bushes pruned on the cheap and all the rubbish taken away on a tipper truck.

The disgusting contractors have then upended the lorry in the lane and made a quick getaway.

If any readers had a cheap garden cleanup this weekend they should ask the contractors what they did with the refuse.

George Buckley, Carfield Avenue, S8

Last gasp roll of dice

Well it was only a matter of time before this economically illiterate government chose the last-gasp roll of the dice. The grand infrastructure plan.

More money printing and borrowing, more of what got us into the mess to start with. An alcoholic’s breakfast party, more whisky on the cornflakes please, our hands are starting to shake again.

Godfrey Bloom MEP, Yorks and North Lincs

Road is wide enough

WHY is the council spending vast amounts on access/parking on Harborough Ave? The road is wide enough as it is. You should see the problems we have in Hackenthorpe, even on the bus route.

A Tideswell, S12