Police act on bike youths following bus collision

A youth finished up in hospital after riding into the path of a bus in Goldthorpe in what appeared to be a prank which went wrong and police are now involved.

Monday, 14th May 2018, 12:51 pm
Updated Monday, 14th May 2018, 12:56 pm
Trouble spot: Goldthorpe Green is the target of increased police patrols.

Some parents have been traced as a result of their enquiries, to challenge them about the behaviour of their children in the vicinity of Goldthorpe Green, which is on a bus route.

Coun May Noble told a meeting of the Dearne Area Council that she had also seen CCTV footage of a girl on a bike who appeared to have deliberately waited until a bus was approaching, before riding into its path, causing the driver to stop, before pedalling away.

She said: “One rode in front of a bus and got hit and ended up in hospital. On another occasion a girl can be seen on CCTV waiting for a bus to come and then riding out.

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“The bus had to swerve and the driver stopped because he was so shaken,” she said.

“Some parents have been seen and the police are patrolling the area a lot but I think there is still a lot that could be done.”

Coun Ralph Sixsmith said: “A man has asked me what we can do about this and I have told him it has been taken up with the safer neighbourhood group.”

There have also been problems involving youths reported at the nearby health centre.

Elsewhere in the village, Barnsley Council community safety officers have worked with police on a day of action to tackle complaints on Gosling Gate Road.

A CCTV camera was installed in the area a day ahead of the initiative but was of no use because officials found it had been damaged beyond repair.

Every home was visited by a combination of police and council staff, with anti social behaviour surveys left with each household.

A result of the action was 11 warnings issued and three of those are getting follow up action which could result in fines.

A prolific offender was also identified and details have been passed to police.