A Polaroid camera, a painting of a Yorkshire Terrier and a barbecue - the bizarre things left behind at Sheffield hotel in 2016

A Sheffield hotel has revealed the weird and wonderful items left behind by guests in 2016.

A Polaroid camera, painting of a Yorkshire Terrier and a barbecue were all left at a Sheffield hotel during 2016.
A Polaroid camera, painting of a Yorkshire Terrier and a barbecue were all left at a Sheffield hotel during 2016.

And a Polaroid camera, an oil painting of a Yorkshire terrier and a gas barbecue were just some of the more bizarre items left behind at the city's Travelodge in the last 12 months.

The firm has revealed some of the more interesting items left behind in its 525 UK hotels during 2016 and other booty left behind in Sheffield includes:

* A book of handwritten poetry

* A 3ft Christmas wreath

* An Air Mac laptop

* Two tickets to Chicago

* Half a written novel about a girl called Poppy

In addition to the examples listed above, one customer staying at Harrogate Travelodge forgot to pack their beloved Shitsu called Harold - and only realised after driving for 40 minutes down the M62.

The housekeeper at Dundee Strathmore Travelodge got a pleasant surprise when she opened the door to room 14 at the hotel and found a family of three generations of gnomes – chilling out in the room.

One fashion conscious customer left behind a trio of prosthetic legs at Manchester Piccadilly Travelodge. Each leg wore a different designer shoe. (This included a Valentino, Gucci and Mui Mui shoe)

Interestingly, during 2016 quite a few business travellers have been very forgetful and some of the more unusual left behinds have included: keys to a haveli (a mansion) in Delhi, India. and a Swarovski encrusted waving cat, a lucky charm in the Chinese culture which attracts good luck and fortune. The businessman was so distraught about leaving his lucky cat behind that he arranged for a special overnight courier to collect it and bring it back to him.

One business customer staying at Bank Travelodge left behind his annual company accounts and one CEO was in such a hurry to get to his meeting that he forgot his teddy bear, which has been his companion for forty years.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said: “With over 18 million customers annually staying across our 525 UK Travelodge hotels for a variety of reasons we do get some interesting and precious items being left behind such as a cat called Yoda, a necklace made of £50 notes and wedding vows from the 1950’s.

“As more business customers are now staying with Travelodge than ever before, this year’s inventory list includes some interesting business related items such as: a set of annual corporate accounts, a suitcase of invoices, new Mercedes AMG car, a Swarovski encrusted waving lucky cat charm belonging to a successful businessman and a forty year old teddy bear whose owner is a CEO.

All items left behind in Travelodge hotels which have not been claimed within three months, are donated to local charity shops.