Polar bears and tiger cubs’ jobs boost

Victor the Polar Bear
Victor the Polar Bear
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The tiger cubs and the polar bears are already there – and now they are set to followed by a jobs boost.

The latest big attractions to arrive at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park – Pixel and Victor – have brought in a surge of visitors to the site.

Pixel, the polar bear

Pixel, the polar bear

And now with newborn tiger clubs set to make their first public appearance this summer, bosses at the site in Branton believe they will see a further rise in people coming through the gates in the summer.

Now they have confirmed they are taking on an extra 30 staff for the summer holiday period on top of around 100 season staff who have already been recruited.

Cheryl Williams, park director, said: “Another 30 ­additional staff are being taken on.

“They are for the summer holidays, but some may run on until the end of the season.

The YWP tiger cubs

The YWP tiger cubs

“Most of them will be in visitor services. We are ahead of budget and have had more visitors due to Pixel arriving this year.

“In the summer holidays, we will have the tiger cubs too, and because of that we are expecting a busy summer, so we are getting ready for that.

“We think it is the cubs and Pixel effect. I think people just love them.”

The tiger cubs are still currently indoor with their mother and have yet to be seen by the public.

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams

But, although no date for their first public appearance has been set, it is expected to be in the next few weeks.

Ms Williams said: “We would expect them to be coming out in early June, but they have not had their inoculations yet.

More new arrivals are also expected, with more polar bears set to be brought to the park when arrangements can be made with experts from a European breeding programme.

And giant otters are expected to at some point during the summer to live in a new enclosure being created in the South American section of the park.

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