Poker game with a big difference to raise funds

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A Sheffield diving instructor has organised an underwater poker tournament to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, after the death of his wife from the illness earlier this year.

John Stanley, aged 46, from Sheffield is holding the unique tournament at Ponds Forge on Saturday, August 10, at 4pm and hopes to raise money for the charity which is close to his heart.

John lost his wife Gina Stanley to cancer in May, and has also lost his father, grandfather and aunt to the illness.

Both of Gina’s parents also lost their lives to the disease.

The event is organised in association with Diveworld and Sheffield’s Napoleon’s Casino, bringing together two of John’s biggest passions - diving and poker.

John said: “Cancer is an awful, ugly disease that affects so many lives, not just the person that has it but all their friends, family and loved ones.

“All this has just made me more determined to make this as big an event as possible and raise as much cash for Macmillan as we possibly can.”

Players will don scuba diving equipment to sit on the bottom of the pool and use laminated playing cards for the game.

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