‘Pointless’ work performance reviews ... don't work!

Performance reviews drive some staff to tears
Performance reviews drive some staff to tears
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Breaking news - straight from school of "no shock Sherlock" - suggests staff and bosses both believe workplace assessments are waste of everyone's time.

Around two thirds of employees and employers alike, surveyed by software firm Adobe - who have themselves abandoned the process - brand formal reviews (here illustrated by Big Keith's appraisal by The Office's David Brent) as "time-consuming" and "outdated".

The study of 1,500 office workers also discovered annual evaluations are stressful to point where 18 per cent of women cry as a result while, tellingly, quarter of men shed tears after.

Indeed 30 per cent immediately quit so it’s no surprise fifty five per cent of staff would rather see managers get rid of, or at least amend, such unpopular processes.

Some sixty one percent of those surveyed would move to an identical job if their company didn’t conduct performance reviews while forty seven per cent start job-hunting due to the ordeal.


Reviewing the workplace situation at a glance

Reviewing the workplace situation at a glance

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