Poignant Sheffield salute to Scott Westgarth on Kell Brook show

Scott WestgarthScott Westgarth
Scott Westgarth
Saturday's Kell Brook homecoming show at Sheffield Arena will feature a poignant salute to Scott Westgarth, who died on Sunday.

The promoters say a 10-bell chime to honour the Penistone boxer, who passed away in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital after his fight with Dec Spellman.

He is thought to have suffered a bleed on the brain.

Yesterday, members of his family visited trainer Glyn Rhodes at his Hillsborough gym.

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Rhodes said he’d dreaded going back, but that it helped to have the kinship of relatives and other boxers joining together.

Meanwhile former Sheffield world champion Clinton Woods says the future use of headguards in professional boxing - advocated by some - should never happen.

“Scott was a great kid and I am devastated for him and his family” said Woods.

“But headguards are not the answer.

“They make your head a bigger target, give you blind spots, and a sense of feeling safe when you should have your wits about you.

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“Your head still gets wobbled around when you are hit with a guard on.

“What has happened is horrible and my first thoughts are for the family and everyone at Glyn’s gym.

“But boxing will continue. There are always going to be dangers in sport - how many mountaineers die each year. Should Rally and F1 drivers slow down to 50mph?”