Poems penned by talented granny help raise cash for Age UK charity

Jean Clover and her book of poetry for Age Uk
Jean Clover and her book of poetry for Age Uk
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TALENTED grandma Jean Clover was giddy with excitement when she saw her poems in print for the first time...

And the joy she felt at seeing the verses she has worked at on and off since being a schoolgirl published was more than enough of a prize for her efforts.

It means all money from the sale of The Clover Book of Poems, will go to the Age UK charity. It is on sale at the city centre Norfolk Row shop and other city stores.

One of Jean’s verses was turned into a song and made available as a CD, also being sold to help the charity.

The developments of the past six months came when Jean, from Hackenthorpe, got talking to Irish author Brian Madden in an internet chatroom.

Jean said: “We were talking about our interests and I just mentioned that I liked writing poetry. He asked if I would send him some so I did. When he’d read them he said they were good enough to make a book!

“It was unbelievable when he said that - but it felt fantastic. I’d never really shown the poems to anyone apart from the grandkids when they were little, so to hear someone wanted to make a book out of them was amazing!”

Brian asked her to add 15 to her collection to make an anthology of 40 verses, which she completed in three weeks.

“I write when I’m in bed when it’s quiet,” she said.

“I call my bed my office! One of the poems is all about that in fact. If I’ve got a subject in my head then writing the poem comes very easily.”

It is a hobby Jean first took up when she was a schoolgirl and a prayer she wrote when she was 14 - around the time her mum became ill with leaukaemia and died aged 34 - appears at the front of the book.

Her notebooks got dusty as she grew up, married George and was a busy mum to six children.

“It came back when the grandkids were little. I would poems for them and about the funny things they would do.

“I still take my inspiration from people, watching people and observing life. There’s everything from romantic verse to funny poems and one called Cardboard City about children who run away from home.”

“I’m proud to have copies of the book which I can pass on to my grandchildren.”