Pledge to replace highway trees in Sheffield suburb

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SHEFFIELD Council has pledged to replace trees which have been cut down in a residential suburb - though they will not be replanted in the same locations.

Residents had complained about the loss of a tree on Crookes Road, opposite The Noah’s Ark pub, and another at the corner of Nairn Street and Elgin Street.

Removal of the trees was raised at a residents’ meeting.

Coun Jack Scott, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for environment, recycling and streetscene, said: “A tree was removed from Crookes Road in October because it was in poor health and was also causing damage to private property and the highway.

“A replacement tree will be planted this tree-planting season, which finishes in March.

“The replacement tree will be located on Tapton Crescent Road, as the previous location on Crookes Road was unsuitable because of the damage.

“A highway tree was also removed from the corner of Nairn Street and Elgin Street because it was in poor health. The replacement tree will be planted this planting season on Tapton Crescent Road.

“The previous location is not suitable for a replacement tree as the footpath is narrow and we need to maintain access.

“The relocation to Tapton Crescent Road will ensure we are able to keep our pavements clear, and reduce the risk of trip hazards, while still enjoying our highway tree population.”

He added: “The Streets Ahead highway tree programme will ensure we have safe and healthy trees that can be enjoyed for years to come.

“One tree will be replanted for every one removed and the number of highway trees will not reduce.”