Pleased to see back of Turner

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CHRISTOPHER Turner was supposed to care for elderly and vulnerable people. Instead he betrayed all the trust placed in him and stole valuable antiques from them.

And it was all to pay for the kind of trip - to see England play cricket in Australia - that many of his clients could only dream of enjoying.

That kind of selfish, distasteful attitude not only shows Turner up for being the callous and calculating predator that he had become. But it also casts an undeserving shadow over the entire caring profession.

Turner’s employers promptly dismissed him and reported him to the relevant authorities and we hope this ensures he is never in a position to betray a vulnerable person’s trust again.

We also hope that their actions convince people that the profession are dedicated to looking after their clients and are as determined as anyone to see the back of anyone who betrays the trust placed in them.

Missing out on best years of life

IN our hell-for-leather world, it is easy to fail to make time for the important things in life, such as enjoying the company of our children.

And that is why a new campaign, launched in Sheffield, deserves all the support that comes its way.

For it aims to get families to spend more time talking to their children, after it was discovered that schools are coming into contact with too many new pupils with poor speaking skills.

It is reckoned that this is in no small measure due to parents spending too little time talking with their children.

We are pleased that the scheme has received some celebrity endorsement, for such boosts help raise the profile of these initiatives and make them more acceptable to people in the first place.

But, surely, parents need only to be told that they are missing out on the best years of their youngsters’ lives by not speaking to their children at every opportunity.

Plenty of scope

YOU still have chance to nominate people for one of this year’s Celebration of Success Awards - but only just.

For entries close tomorrow ahead of this year’s event, which is to be held at Sheffield City Hall on Thursday, July 7.

The ceremony will shine the spotlight on Sheffield’s children, young people and those who work with them and recognise their achievements.

A wide range of categories exist so there is plenty of scope for you to help someone receive one of this year’s awards.

It will only require a little effort on your part to put forward a nomination but we’re sure it will mean a great deal to recipients.

Go on. Help make someone’s day.