Please keep off  the grass

Vin Malone

By The Newsroom
Friday, 28th September 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 28th September 2018, 7:07 am
Carpet fitters parking on the grass
Carpet fitters parking on the grass

Gleadless Valley, S14

Despite numerous complaints from myself and other residents on Gleadless Valley to the housing office at Newfield green about vans and cars parking and driving on grassed areas, they still take no action, the photo attached show a van belonging to two carpet fitters employed by the council to fit carpets in No 31 Spotswood Close.

My wife told them that they should not park on the grass, they just ignored her, she also told them that blocking the footpath with rolls of carpet was a health and safety issue, they just smirked.

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These two men were quite able to carry rolls of carpet from their van from the road and there's no need to park on the grass, if they have a job in a high rise do they try to get their van in the lift? They are just idle and please don't tell me the carpet is heavy, they picked their jobs and carry rolls of carpet every day.

Just when are we going to see some action on stopping people parking on grassed areas? Council repair workers are as bad I might add.

Only three weeks ago my next door neighbour moved out because of the decline of the area brought on by the council by giving tenancies to immigrants and questionable people, while he was loading the van, parked on the seven foot wide footpath a council official who happened to be on this block of maisonettes said 'he shouldn't be parking on the grass' he had about six inches of tyre on the grass edge, which was dead because of weed spraying by the council, yet idiots like these two carpet fitters are left to carry on.

I have sent a complaint to Councillor Cate McDonald and Councillor Lewis Dagnall, no doubt they will just forward it to the Newfield Green housing office, thinking they've dealt with the problem.