Please keep it clean, folks

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STAFF, patients and visitors to Chesterfield Hospital have absolutely no excuse not to clean their hands – thanks to the installation of new hand hygiene stations.

Sinks and hand gel dispensers have been given a bright red makeover, with flooring to match, flashing lights and in some areas voice messages reminding people to clean their hands as they pass by.

The hospital has launched a new hand hygiene campaign called Be Seen To Be Clean – highlighting everyone has a responsibility to show others they are visibly cleaning their hands, especially as they enter and leave clinical areas including wards, out-patient clinics and treatment rooms.

Diane Simpson, senior matron for infection prevention, said: “Good hand hygiene is vital to help prevent the spread of infection.”

Chief nurse Alfonzo Tramontano added: “All our staff have a responsibility to lead by example and adopt our Be Seen To Be Clean message.”