Please give us back old system of buses

Sheffield is a major city, but its present bus service, redesigned at great cost no doubt, is abysmal.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 28th March 2016, 6:38 am
Updated Friday, 1st April 2016, 7:21 pm
city centre buses
city centre buses

Last Friday it took my wife and I one hour 10 minutes to reach home after leaving the Northern General grounds at 8.10am, we eventually caught an 83 bus at 9.05am.

In the pre-bus integration days we would have had a choice of 98,97 as well.

We did attend the recent meeting at Sheffield Town Hall to hear the opinions of other bus users, nearly all were critical.

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Present were relevant bus company officials, directors, managers even an executive, plus one gentleman from the council.

These officials listened intently, answered questions and jotted down details.

It was looking good until someone asked a question about the officials using buses, basically it was a no.

The depth of thought put into this fiasco can be judged by the size of the text chosen for the new pocket-size book guide.

Timetables for a specific route are a good idea but this is rendered useless because it is so difficult to read, well done hawkeye.

There seem far fewer buses running after 6pm and I’m sure people are walking in preference to the bus.

You need more bums on seats, not fewer.

Please give us back our old system of buses. It worked, despite some faults and the public knew the routes and the relevant bus numbers.

Can Sheffield be called a major city with this poor bus system?

The bus times are being kept to much better, not always easy due to traffic at peak times.

P Whiteley

Holgate Close, S5

Since I was old enough to vote, I have always voted for a Labour candidate, both nationally and locally, but that approach is now going to change.

It appears to me that Labour leaders feel they only have to knock on the door and push a leaflet through the letter box to keep them in their ivory towers.

I’m afraid these people have now outlived their usefulness as councillors.

From where I stand, the council has to take a large part of the responsibility for the bus debacle and tree felling chaos.

The lack of communication, consultation and representation is the root cause, and for that accountability is required.

Dennis Pinder

Mapplebeck Road, High Green, Sheffield S35