Please don’t stop the letters

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May I be the first to congratulate Mr Palmer.

In his letter of November 9, he says ‘we have flushed out local Tories etc’ but does not say who ‘we’ are?

In view of this lack of information I can only assume that he has been elevated to the monarchy and is using the royal pronoun.

I must admit I hadn’t heard of this but there is just so much happening these days! Anyway, my felicitations.

To change the subject slightly but staying with the same letter do you not think that a Stalinist, Trotskyite, Marxist (what happened to Lenin by the way?) Communist might be a slightly unlikely combination as Stalin had Trotsky assassinated?

Many people believe this may point to ideological differences between these gentlemen.

Please don’t stop the letters.

Stephen Crowther

Greystones, Sheffield