Plea for vital laptops at Sheffield community centre

Members of Link Community HUb in Stradbroke are appealing for laptops
Members of Link Community HUb in Stradbroke are appealing for laptops
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Volunteers at a Sheffield community centre are in desperate need of laptops to help residents learn vital skills and access essential services.

The Link community hub on Stradbroke Drive offers drop-in sessions to residents of all ages who live on the estate.

But many residents are struggling because they do not have access to a computer.

Helen Eadon, community volunteer at the hub, said the laptops would help ease the social isolation of many elderly residents by teaching them vital IT skills, which would help them use social media and teach them how to internet shop.

They would also help people who need access to the internet to fill in forms for Sheffield Council and the Department of Work and Pensions.

Helen said they have several organisations lined up to run sessions but are in need of laptops before they can begin.

She said: “Members from our community an wider community from the very young to the older folk are absolutely desperate to gain IT skills.

“We are open six days a week when people can drop-in and receive the help they need. The only thing stopping us is we don’t have any laptops.

“Ideally we could like at least eight fairly modern laptops and are appealing to anyone who has a spare laptop or laptops to help our community.”

n Contact Helen on 07973837664.