Playgrounds to be transformed thanks to funds

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UP to 32 play areas on Sheffield housing estates could be transformed and new outdoor spaces created for elderly people.

Management company Sheffield Homes has offered to work with tenants’ and residents’ associations, schools, Sheffield Council, the NHS, the police and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment to put together bids for funding for the sites.

So far, Sheffield Homes and community groups have secured £225,000 which has paid for work at Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Edward Street flats, Netherthorpe, Beckett Road, Lowedges, Mount Street, Sharrow and Dorset Street, Broomhill. Projects to develop a play area at Tannery Park, Woodhouse, and install outdoor equipment for old folk in Batemoor and Lowedges are progressing.

Marjorie Gillott, treasurer of Jordanthorpe TARA, said: “The play area on Hazelbarrow Road is now a wonderful place. I have been down to the play area many times since the opening and it has been busy with groups of children having lots of fun, trying out the new equipment.”