Playground rivalry

It is said that Boris Johnson is a popular politician. If true, this is very worrying.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 6:18 am
Updated Thursday, 26th May 2016, 7:23 am

Admittedly he is funny occasionally but this is hardly a sufficient qualification to lead the country.

Like many with his education he is superficially clever but he avoids rigorous thought, does not pay attention to necessary detail, lacks understanding and, crucially, has poor judgement.

He is shameless when caught out making things up.

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He was a lazy and incompetent Mayor of London.

He is ambitious because he likes the acclaim, status and winning but has little idea what to do with responsibility. It is widely acknowledged that he might have supported either side in the European Referendum campaign.

He chose to support Vote leave, not out of conviction but because it suited his ambition and his playground rivalry with David Cameron.

Yet if we, mistakenly, vote to leave the EU he is likely to be the next Prime Minister.

Doubtless the first to congratulate him will be his American counterpart Donald Trump, the French far right Marine Le Pen and Putin.

Geoff Smith

Mona Road, Crookes S10