Player banned for life after police called to fight at Sheffield cricket match

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A Sheffield cricketer has been banned from playing the sport for 12 years - and given a lifetime ban from the regional league - after he attacked another player during a match.

South Yorkshire Police was called when a fight broke out during the Yorkshire and Derbyshire Cricket League fixture between Stocksbridge and Totley, which took place on July 23.

A player for Totley Cricket Club has now been banned for 12 years, until 2028, from all games overseen by the England and Wales Cricket Board.

He has also been banned for life from the Yorkshire league.

Two players from Stocksbridge have been given suspended bans for their part in the incident.

One was banned for two weeks, suspended until the end of the 2017 season, for using offensive or obscene language, while the other was given a 10-week ban, suspended until the end of 2018, for assault.

The disciplinary report into the fight said the second Stocksbridge player had his ban suspended because he was ‘defending another player’ and was not ‘the instigator’.

Neither club appealed any of the findings.

The report said both sides’ captains were cleared of failing to control their players.

Of Totley’s captain, the panel said the situation ‘exploded in such a short time’ that the club’s captain ‘could not have influenced the course of events or stopped his other players entering the field of play.’

The same finding was reached for Stocksbridge’s captain.

“The captain could not have foreseen how the events were going to unfold and demonstrated that he tried his best to control a difficult, fluctuating and unpredictable situation,” said the report.

The Totley cricketer was ‘found guilty of physical assault of another player’, the panel found.

“The first count should carry a ban for two years, the second count a further ban of 10 years to run consecutively culminating at the end of the 2028 season for all cricket under the ECB.

“Furthermore, a ban for life from the YDCL - he can play in other ECB leagues after the 2028 season, but not the YDCL.”

The first Stocksbridge player was guilty of ‘using language that is obscene, offensive or insulting and/or making an obscene gesture’.

“He received a two-week ban suspended until the end of the 2017 season.

“Written letter of apology is to be issued by the player to his club and the league in line with the disciplinary code of conduct.”

The second player’s ban was also suspended ‘in mitigation of defending another player and not being the instigator.’