Play farm suspends Disney fancy dress competition after parents coloured daughter's face brown

A South Yorkshire play farm was forced to suspend voting on its Disney princess competition after the parents of young girl painted her face brown.

Shepherd Place Farm - Google Maps
Shepherd Place Farm - Google Maps

Shepherd Place Farm in Doncaster held its Enchanted Weekend on August 18-19; encouraging children to come in their favourite magical themed fancy dress competition.

The farm added that there would be prizes for the best dressed as well as as a face painter and a 'real live unicorn'.

Shepherds Place Farm

After picking a winner on Saturday, the farm uploaded pictures of some of the other contestants who came dressed up on Sunday and asked people to vote for their favourite.

However, the farm announced today that they would be suspending the vote.

They posted: "The voting is suspended on the best dressed princess pic. Unfortunately trolls have been sending nasty messages to us and the parents of one of the princess because she coloured her face to look like the princess.

"We will be giving a free family ticket to all the princess. Such a shame 4 year old kids can’t dress up have fun these days."

The young girl came dressed as Tiana, the main character from Disney's 2009 animated film The Princess and the Frog.

Tiana is the first Disney princess to be of African-American heritage and has also appeared in the new trailer for Ralph Breaks The Internet.

Opinion was split among parents over the complaints about the fancy dress design.

One parent wrote: "It's not the little girl's fault of course. But how the parents thought this was appropriate is beyond me!"

While another commented: "Well done shepherds place for not allowing such ridiculous to spoil the outcome. I can't believe anyone can troll a child for wanting to resemble their idol or the parent for allowing their child to live their current dream."