Plastic butterfly

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To comply with health and safety in flats, My son was told he has a month to remove a plastic butterfly from the wall, which was there when he moved in seven years ago, or they will be removed.

Amused, S10

From France to Spain

I WAS talking to a couple who were born in England and own a place in France and have just bought another in Spain.

They get the winter fuel allowance yet never need it because the flit from one home to the other for warm weather.

Name and address supplied

Blame Clegg for cuts

Sheffield City Council has to shed 690 jobs to comply with government cuts.

We all know there had to be cuts, but the severity of these is down to the fact that Nick Clegg has given his backing to the Conservatives. Without this, Cameron would not be able to destroy our lives, health service, armed forces and everything else that we care about.

Mick Gethin, Westbury Ave, Chapeltown

Encourage children

I read with incredulity of another shooting in Burngreave.

One resident said Burngreave received nothing compared to more ‘affluent’ areas.

What happened to the £52m New Deal for Communities money?

Apart from a few lengths of new tarmac the investment in more ‘affluent’ areas is nil. The has nothing to do with money, though people in ‘affluent’ areas invest time and effort making sure their children are encouraged to be involved in the many societies, youth organisations, sports groups, etc that are available so they eventually become good citizens.

J. Bunting, Greenhill Main Road, S8